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Whether you need ongoing education, mentorship, or support, you are covered. Your team will learn to adopt best practices and build applications that will scale to large codebases and even larger teams.



Get started on the right foot with Angular and Nx (our power-ups for modern development) with our 2-day intensive workshop. Your team will have a clear understanding of how to adopt best practices when developing in a monorepo using NgRx.


Incremental Team Training

05-SERVICES-Training-Incremental training

With these focused micro-sessions, including video-calls, your team will come to deeply understand various aspects of Angular development. Our curriculum is a mix of presentation and hands-on coaching. We cover topics ranging from component testing to NgRx and Nx workspace.


Nrwl Connect

Now you can access Connect, our new developer empowerment platform that provides Angular training, tools and support. With Connect, you can more confidently build better software.

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Our books cover various aspects of Angular.

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Enterprise Angular Monorepo Patterns
Nitin Vericherla
Essential Angular
Victor Savkin & Jeff Cross
Upgrading Angular Applications
Victor Savkin
Angular Router
Victor Savkin



Nx Playbook and more

With our new developer empowerment platform, Nrwl Connect, you'll get access to our courses, video tutorials and books, where you’ll learn advanced techniques to build enterprise Angular applications.

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