Angular Training

Nrwl training is an ongoing process of education, mentorship, and developer support.

Nx logo.Nx Workshop

We help the teams we work with get started on the right foot with Angular and Nx by providing a 2-day intensive workshop. The workshop is targeted at developers who have already been building with Angular v2+, and focuses deeply on best practices of developing in a monorepo and using NgRx.

We help teams understand Angular deeply, and adopt best practices that will help them build applications that will scale to large codebases and large teams.

Incremental Team Training

To complement our intense 2-day Nx Workshop, we've developed more focused micro-sessions to help developers more deeply understand different aspects of developing with Angular. Our curriculum covers topics ranging from component testing best practices to NgRx and Nx workspace. Our expert instructors deliver this curriculum remotely over the course of a couple of hours, with a mix of presentation and hands-on look at your application.

Angular Books

We've written several books about different aspects of Angular, which can be purchased in a number of formats.

Essential Angular
Upgrading Angular
Angular Router
Nx Playbook

Nx Playbook screenshot.

Our new online learning platform, Nx Playbook helps developers learn advanced techniques to build enterprise Angular applications. We create content based on education needs we see from our enterprise customers.

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