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Whether you have a first-time implementation or a next-generation improvement to an existing web or mobile app, Nrwl is your top choice.

We solve the big challenges with your technical leadership while we guide your team on the following:

  • Migrating from AngularJS to Angular
  • Scaling projects comprised of many applications, shared libraries, and autonomous teams
  • Organizing and publishing large, complex code bases
  • Mentoring your team on web app issues such as state management
  • Addressing your app's performance
  • Optimizing testing and continuous integration
  • Solving complex regressions and technical debt

Our Partnership Model

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Cross-Team Collaboration

Collaboration is essential to solving common software challenges. Nrwl will help you to implement best practices.

If you find that your team is struggling to find the optimal balance between team autonomy and the need to share ideas, patterns, and code - We can help you:

  • Build applications with a consistent user experience
  • Reduce duplication of code across teams
  • Help your developers to easily contribute to and onboard onto new projects

Why Nrwl?

You'll enjoy faster go-to-market timelines, higher quality software, and more effective contributors.

Our architects have worked on the Angular team at Google and have made significant contributions to open-source projects in the ecosystem. Our experience consulting with the world's top enterprises means we know what works for companies that scale.