Angular Consulting

For Enterprise teams working on 1st-time implementations or next-gen improvements to existing web and mobile applications, Nrwl can serve as a pivotal element in a project's success.

The Nrwl Architecture Team focuses on solving the big challenges with our client stakeholders. Nrwl consulting efforts are often focused on the following needs:

  • Strategies for upgrading from AngularJS to Angular
  • Strategies to scale projects that are comprised of many applications, shared libraries, and autonomous teams.
  • Guidance on how to organize and publish large, complex code bases.
  • Reviews, guidance, and mentoring on web application issues:
    • State management
    • Performance
    • Complex and confusing regressions
    • Technical debt
    • Testing & continuous integration

Teams that work in silos deliver applications that feel like silos.

Cross-Team Collaboration

Collaboration is an emerging Enterprise concern. Large organizations are finding that teams have shifted focus to team autonomy without balancing the need to share ideas, patterns, and code across teams. This shift has introduced some problems:

  • Applications that don't have consistent user experiences
  • Extreme duplication of code across teams
  • The inability for developers to easily contribute to other projects or change teams

Addressing technical challenges is only one piece of the collaboration puzzle. We help teams address collaboration issues in 4 steps:

Nx Consulting Training Engineering
  1. We provide a collaboration-first, open source platform on top of Angular, Nx
  2. We consult and plan with team leads to understand the organizational dynamics impacting collaboration
  3. We train developers to adopt tools, habits, and processes that facilitate collaboration
  4. We engineer alongside client developers to implement infrastructure and application code to foster collaboration

Teams that work with Nrwl enjoy faster go-to-market, higher quality applications, and more effective contributors.

Why Nrwl?

Our architects and developers at Nrwl have worked on the Angular team at Google, or have made significant contributions to open source projects in the Angular community. Our experience working with Google, and many of the world's top brands, gives us first-hand knowledge what patterns work at scale, and which ones don't.