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At Nrwl we've found that our widely adopted developer tools are very useful for nearly every developer we've ever worked with. Our open-source dev tools are all free products and they all work together. Nrwl's developer tools will not only save you time, but will also help you to build better software.


With Nx, you can develop multiple full-stack applications holistically and share code between them all in the same workspace. Nx provides advanced tools which help you scale your enterprise development. Nx also helps enforce your organization’s standards and community best practices.

Nrwl is the leading provider of training, consulting, and engineering services for teams who rely on Nx.

Nx Cloud

Nrwl Cloud is a new platform from Nrwl! Your Nx workspace, connected with Nrwl's cloud to give you the tools and cloud to help your team build faster.

Nx Console

At Nrwl we set out to build a tool to make our own lives easier when developing applications powered by the Nx CLI, but we soon realized that Nx Console could be something that is useful for every developer. It has allowed us and our clients to ship code faster and ultimately provide more value to users with less effort than ever before!

Nx Courses

Courses by Nrwlians, teaching best practices for enterprise Nx, Angular, & React development. Including free and paid courses!

Book: Enterprise Angular Monorepo Patterns

In this book we focus on concrete Angular development problems and how to effectively use the Nx set of power-ups to solve them. We share strategies to organize your code into small single-purpose libs that can be composed to make large applications. We cover Nx tooling and how this will help with your software development practices.

Book: Effective React Development with Nx

In this book you'll learn about Nx and monorepo-style development for React applications. This approach provides many benefits, such as increased collaboration between teams; increased visibility across teams; increased developer mobility between different projects; and more consistency in the development experience (e.g. tooling, process). We’ll explore how Nx enables us to build React applications more effectively. You'll get concrete code examples that mimic real-world applications.

Book: Upgrading Angular Applications

Many organizations have large AngularJS 1.x applications deployed to production. These applications may be built by multiple teams from different lines of business. The book explores NgUpgrade in depth, including the mental model, implementation, subtleties of the API. It also talks about different strategies for upgrading large AngularJS applications to Angular.

Book: Angular Router

In this complete authoritative reference, you'll see how by using the router, you can declaratively specify application states, and manage state transitions while taking care of the URL and load bundles on demand.

Book: Essential Angular

This book aims to be a short but complete overview of the key aspects of Angular: it covers the framework’s mental model, its API, and the design principles behind it. This book will help you put all the concepts into right places, so you'll have a good understanding of why the framework is the way it is.

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