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A telecom leader gets a customer-facing e-commerce application with drastically increased search engine traffic, impressive site performance and the ability to re-arrange layouts on the fly.

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Bellevue, WA, United States

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Consulting, Engineering

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8 full-time engineers

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Pair-programming, Slack and Zoom meetings

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Angular, Nx Dev Tools, AEM

“Nrwl, Angular, and Nx experts (at Nrwl), helped us create a whole new set of web development patterns customized for T-Mobile and the enterprise context which have delivered exceptional business results!”

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Sr. Dev Manager / T-Mobile

Collaboration Leads to Great Success

In 2019 T-Mobile and Nrwl partnered to create a more unified shopping experience on the device store. The project’s main goals were to increase the application’s performance, improve T-Mobile’s cutting-edge development organization’s tools and processes, and increase contributor velocity. Alongside T-Mobile’s dynamic team, Nrwl provided technical recommendations, built the device store in Angular using Nx, and implemented a plan to handle CMS driven content, server-side rendering, and performance enhancements.

With Nrwl’s ongoing engineering, plus expert support and training, T-Mobile rapidly completed the ambitious project.

  • The device pages saw a 28% increase in search engine traffic after launch.
  • Superior site performance positively impacted the site's SEO, with impressive Lighthouse scores: 96 for Performance and a 153 increase of engaged visitors.
  • The store device pages saw substantial reductions in load times, cut roughly by half.
  • T-Mobile’s engineering teams can integrate features and fixes within a 10-minute timespan - Faster than ever before.
  • A streamlined process led to greater collaboration of development teams across the enterprise.

The Challenge

In order to address their customer and business needs, T-Mobile’s technical leadership needed to come up with the best solutions and get a drastically improved device store to market, fast. Nrwl partnered to solve the technical challenges T-Mobile faced.

For starters, the original customer-facing app needed to be faster and needed to be migrated from AngularJS to Angular. A new shared workspace needed to be built to support all of the applications in T-Mobile’s digital web platform.

Nrwl’s engineers led and executed on several fronts:

  • Improving SEO through site performance optimizations.
  • Building a custom CMS integration (powered by Angular) to allow authors to easily update the site.
  • Implementing Nx monorepo dev tools and optimizing continuous integration processes to enable team collaboration within a single workspace.

The Technical Solution

  1. Implementing server-side rendering and service workers in order to speed up the time it takes for customers to view the app.
  2. Configuring server-side rendering so that HTML parsing by a search engine will be possible, thereby improving page performance and search optimization for the site.
  3. Leveraging Angular Elements to allow dynamic page composition via their CMS, making it possible for T-Mobile’s e-commerce team to autonomously update the site and modify copy much faster.
  4. Implementing Nx smart tooling, in order to streamline development and get the app’s new features to market faster.
  5. Using Nrwl's Nx monorepo tooling so that T-Mobile could include several projects all within the same workspace and see shared code and dependencies.

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