Nrwl Extensions for Angular

An open source toolkit for enterprise Angular applications.

Nx is designed to help you create and build enterprise-grade Angular applications with proven project structure and patterns. We developed it based on our experience working at Google and helping the Fortune 500 build ambitious Angular applications.

What is Nx?

Nx is an extension for the Angular CLI implementing the monorepo-style development. It is also a collection of runtime libraries, linters, and code generators helping large teams build better with Angular.

Why Nx?

On the surface, large and small organizations care about the same things: consistency, writing robust, maintainable code, making changes with confidence, being able to understand how the system works.

What’s different about large organizations is that they have hundreds of Angular engineers building dozens of apps. So they have a lot of code, which changes everything.

  • While ten (10) developers can reach a consensus on best practices by chatting over lunch, five hundred (500) developers cannot. You have to establish best practices, team standards, and use tools to promote them.
  • With three (3) projects developers will know what needs to be retested after making a change, with thirty (30) projects, however, this is no longer a simple process. Informal team rules to manage change will no longer work with large teams and multi-team, multi-project efforts. You have to rely on the automated CI process instead

In other words, small organizations can often get by with informal ad-hoc processes, whereas large organizations cannot. Large organizations must rely on tooling to enable that. Nx is this tooling.

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