Nrwl Connect

Immediate Angular Support

Integrating seamlessly with Angular Console, our new product gives you access to a consultant who will answer your most pressing questions. Whether you’re part of a small team or a large enterprise, you’ll want to access this premium service.

Training teams on best practices across the enterprise

Not only will you get support to adopt the best practices, developed by the engineers at Google, and the Angular team - but you’ll also get premium features and additional analytics to help you make the right development choices every time.

nrwl best practices
nrwl transparency

Transparency and access to information

Collaboration and transparency is an emerging Enterprise concern. Large organizations are finding that teams have shifted focus to team autonomy without balancing the need to share ideas, patterns, and code across teams.

With Connect, we help teams address collaboration by providing trusted and recommended best practices, directly from experts in the industry. You’ll see exactly how we solve your code challenges, and learn as we go.

Full Integration with Angular Console

Use Connect for Angular support while you’re building your project within the Angular Console. Angular Console is, first and foremost, a more approachable way to work with what the Angular CLI already provides.

nrwl angular console

Our advanced tooling, along with the premium Connect product helps you troubleshoot your Angular challenges rapidly, with confidence that you’re making the right choices with your architecture and code.

nrwl optimal business outcomes

A better way to achieve optimal business outcomes

Connect will help you and your team to save time and build better software. At the same time, it will help ensure your team is on the same page, using the same best practices. As a result your software will be better, and your business outcomes greater, by reducing training and re-work as overhead.

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