Careers at Nrwl

The Best Minds in Angular

Nrwl was founded as an Angular 'brain trust' in 2016 by two of Google's former Angular team members and well-known experts, Jeff Cross and Victor Savkin. Today, Nrwl has the world's highest concentration of Angular expertise outside of Google, and we use our deep knowledge to help our clients work through the biggest and most nuanced challenges of building Angular applications at scale.

By providing elite software engineering talent, consulting services and our open source tools (Nx and Angular Console), we help teams standardize their best practices and achieve greater team collaboration so they can ultimately build better customer-facing products. We've got decades of experience working on award-winning software products with Fortune 500 companies.

We're active contributors within the Angular ecosystem. When an individual learns, we strengthen the ecosystem together and as a result we all benefit.

Our Values

  • Collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Experimentation
  • Empowerment
  • Camaraderie
  • Leadership

Our Methods

Supporting visionaries

  • Our team is made up of talented individuals who want to build software the way Google does.
  • We support our team members and especially our clients.

Building strong reputations

  • We hire people who do amazing work. They're recognized as the best in their field.
  • We build on our stellar reputations by contributing to Nrwl's thought-leadership and content marketing initiatives.

High-leverage decision making

  • We build better business outcomes for everyone by adopting high-leverage outlooks.
  • We focus on composing existing tools to make powerful experiences for enterprise software development use cases.
  • We use first principle thinking to solve complex challenges.

Building team alignment around achievement

  • We drive goals forward by looking at outcomes to measure success.
  • We believe in scaling teams and businesses to drive growth.
  • We are detail-oriented: We provide exceptional value to our clients by being exacting in our work.

Our Perks


We are a distributed company, and we have folks all over North America, with hubs in Toronto and Phoenix. You get to decide when and how you work best. Whether you want to spend a week working remotely from a coffee-shop in Barcelona, or you're a night owl who wants to work in the evening - You decide. You know what makes you most productive and happy. Do that!

Narwhal is one of the few companies in existence which allows you to work from New York on Friday and start work on Monday in London without asking anybody’s permission or anyone batting an eye. Not only do you get to work with engineers who are passionate about their craft and and experts in their field, you also enjoy the freedoms that come with a company culture which trusts you as an individual.

Dan Muller, Senior Angular Engineer at Nrwl.

Central Offices


Our offices in downtown Toronto are conveniently located near public transportation.

Great Team

We have been hiring the best folks from the Angular community. Everyone at Nrwl is a remarkable engineer or expert within the ecosystem.

Great Projects

Our clients are the largest tech and financial companies in the world. The projects are interesting. We are solving their most challenging problems, building critical parts of their infrastructure and helping their team leads.

Open Source

We are successful because of the Angular community. That's why we keep contributing to the Angular framework and the Angular ecosystem. At Nrwl, you will be paid to work on open source projects, building Nx, contributing to the Angular framework, and Nrwl Connect (our developer empowerment platform).

Be Recognized

Our clients hire us because they know us. We encourage all Nrwl engineers to be active in the community, by speaking, writing articles, or getting involved in events.

Diversity & Inclusion

We know the value of building a diverse team, and we know that our business success depends on it! We want all our team members to feel welcome. We are committed to building an inclusive culture, particularly for people from groups who are historically marginalized.

Great Compensation

We also pay really well, provide unlimited sick days, four weeks of vacation, and San Francisco-style perks.

Join Our Team

We are looking for experienced Angular engineers and professionals in the development ecosystem who love programming, love working on large projects, and can work independently without supervision.

You will have a wonderful opportunity:

  • Mentoring and developing alongside client teams
  • Developing Nrwl tools to make our clients successful
  • Contributing to open-source projects (e.g., Angular, Nx, Angular Console)

Apply to Our Open Positions:

If you have exceptional Angular skills and an in-depth understanding of the framework and ecosystem, and you have a desire to teach various aspects of Angular, Angular UI components, NodeJS, CI/CD, Docker, or GraphQL, then we want to hear from you!

Nrwl is an equal opportunity employer and we're committed to diversity. We encourage applications from all qualified candidates including members of sexual minority groups, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, women and aboriginal persons.

Please note that we need all of our employees to have work visas for either the USA or Canada. At this time we do not sponsor international candidates.

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