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Make a difference at Nrwl

At Nrwl we’re a software development team that builds new tools and improves existing tools to help companies scale and modernize their development practices. We mentor and partner with our clients to make them successful and contribute to open-source projects and important content in the ecosystem. Join us!

Current openings

We are committed to diversity and evolving our team. We encourage applications from all qualified candidates.

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If you’re curious about what it’s like to work at Nrwl and you want to know more, sign up for Nrwl News to access our latest resources, hear about events we’re speaking at and get links to job listings.

Why join Nrwl?

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Live and work in places you love

We are a distributed company with central offices in Toronto and Phoenix, but our team is spread all over North America and Europe.

At Nrwl, you get to decide when and how you work best. Whether you want to spend a week working remotely from a coffee shop in Barcelona, or you're a night owl who wants to work in the evening - it’s your choice. You know what makes you most productive and happy. Do that!

“Nrwl is one of the few companies in existence which allows you to work from New York on Friday and start work on Monday in London without asking anybody’s permission or anyone batting an eye... You’ll enjoy the freedoms that come with a company culture which trusts you as an individual.”

Work on open source tools and help companies use them

Nrwl was founded by two of Google’s former Angular team members with the goal of helping companies develop like Google. Today we are the leading provider of monorepo-style development tools.

What makes us different from many companies is that we build new tools and improve existing tools to help companies scale and modernize their development practices. Nx is one of these tools. Many Fortune 500 companies use it to scale their front-end development.

"Working on open source at Nrwl is extremely rewarding. Nrwl’s tools empower organizations and their developers to scale in ways that were not possible before ultimately creating a better experience for all of their users! I get to talk openly about my work, interact directly with users of Nrwl’s tools, and receive public recognition for the impact that I make."

Jason Jean - Senior Angular EngineerJason Jean - Senior Angular Engineer
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Work with smart, friendly, and fun people

We don’t care about your resume: where you worked at and how many years of experience you have. What matters most to us is whether you are a great engineer, whether you like what you do, and can do amazing work.

We aren’t looking for superheroes or rock stars. We are looking for friendly smart people who are fun to work with.

We value a diversity of both background and worldview, and we are trying to create an environment where everyone feels like they belong. Diversity is important to make great software and to make a company that reflects our unique experiences, attitudes and identities. For example, many engineers experience emotional difficulties. That’s why we take mental health in the workplace seriously. Rather than treating such topics as taboo, we recognize them and try to support each other.

Many of us are well-known in several software communities for our work. We will help all of our team members to grow and develop their own personal reputations. We can help you find speaking opportunities, and help you to write essays and books. If after several years you choose to leave Nrwl, you will have many jobs from top companies available to you.

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Trust your company and your colleagues

Above all, we value transparency and honesty. Everyone knows how much money the company is making. Everyone knows how much everyone else is making. We don’t have behind the scenes negotiations, departmental silos or company politics.

We take your work-life balance seriously. That’s why we give everyone 4 weeks of vacation and unlimited sick days. We also don’t pretend to be your family. If you are choosing between spending an extra hour at work or spending it with your partner, choose your partner.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for experienced Angular and React engineers and professionals in the development ecosystem who love programming, love working on large projects, and can work independently without supervision.

You will spend one third of your time on open source work, our product ‘Nrwl Connect,’ and/or writing books. You will spend the rest of your time working with Fortune 500 companies helping them use our tools, helping them build software that scales like Google, and helping them with their Angular and React applications. This involves mentoring and developing alongside client teams.

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What we offer

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Vacation and Sick Days

Four weeks of vacation + unlimited sick days. Spend more time with your family and friends.

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Competitive Salaries

We pay really well because we want you to live comfortably.

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Health, Dental, & Vision Insurance

We offer plans for all employees. Canadian employees also get an HSA account.

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No Red Tape Attitude Towards Expenses

Get the best hardware, software, supplies & books. No pre-approval for small purchases, and large purchases are approved the same day.

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Remote Work

Work from Toronto and Phoenix offices, work from home, work from anywhere you want.

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Flexibility at Work

You control your work hours. Run an errand or walk your dog during the day if you need to.

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Open Source Work

Spend ⅓ of your week contributing to Nx, Angular Console and other Nrwl projects.

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Exceptional Career Development

Speak at large conferences, write blog posts and books. Meet exceptional folks leading software communities and build your reputation.